Understanding Microcomputer

Variation A

A computer based on a microprocessor chip.
Also known as a personal computer.

Variation B

Synonymous with personal computer (PC), or a
computer that depends on a microprocessor.
Microcomputers are designed to be used by
individuals, whether in the form of PCs,
workstations or notebook computers. A microcomputer
contains a central processing unit (CPU) on a
microchip (the microprocessor), a memory system
(typically read-only memory and random access memory),
a bus system and I/O ports, typically housed in a

Variation C

A compact and relatively inexpensive computer,
with less capacity and capability than a
minicomputer, consisting of a microprocessor
and other components of a computer, miniaturized
where possible: used in small business,
by hobbyists, etc.

Variation D

A personal computer.

Variation E

A small digital computer based on a microprocessor
and designed to be used by one person at a time

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